We are ready for your excursion on Via Ferrata to be fantastic

The via ferrata Cala del Moli is divided in 2 parts:( you can go out in the middle)

. Section 1: Level K2 (Hüsler) suitable for beginners

. Section 2: Level K3 (Hüsler) suitable for beginners athletic.

Season : Open all year

Level : k2 / k3 Beginner / Beginner Athletic

Access : 10’ from Mirador de Calle Sicilia

Return: 10 ’from the Mirador de Calle Sicilia

Length: 480 meters

Height: 28 meters / sea

Bridges: 3 Nepalese, 3 Tibetans, 1 wooden

Group size: maximum 8 people / guide

Location: Sant Feliu de Guixols

Minimum age: 13 years, minimum height 1.5 m. Minors must always be accompanied by an adult.

The via ferrata Cala del Moli is a well-known and practiced via, especially on weekends and in summer.
We organize 3 outings per day:


Departures at 8:30 am:

Duration 2h – Little heat – Few people



Departures at 10:30 am:

Duration 3h to 4h - Lots of heat - Lots of people

Departures at 3 p.m :

Duration 2h – Shadow – Few people



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