Via for free : 

If you have all the aproved material, experience in via ferrata type k3 (technique and strength), knowlwdge of safety and recue, private or federative insurance, you are in good physical shape, the via ferrata cala del moli can be  done on your own.

Guied tour :

If you have never done a k3 via ferrata, it is advisable for your safety and comfort to hire a  certified guide (you have to ask for the titles!). Your monitor will explain how the equipment works and a via ferrata, will give you all the safety information, will take care of you during the route so that you can safety enjoy your new experience.

Rent of material :

If you have experience in via ferrata type k3 ( technique and  strength), knowledge of safety and rescue, private or federative insurance, and you only lack the  approved material, you can rent it.

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